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Liquid ring pumps in the food industry

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Air operated diaphragm pumps

winepump peristaltic a great pumping tool

Peristaltic pump

The peristaltic pumps of Techni-Flow are an innovative solution for the pumping of wine. The functional principle is very easy: The rolls scrunch a flexible tube. This provokes the output of the liquid. By raising the tube the suction occurs.

There are 2 important advantages for an optimal flow of the wine:

While the procedure the fluids risks no danger or damage. Further an easy cleaning of the tube is a big advantage for the operator, no maintenance is needed. You gain best pump results with the peristaltic pump, the wine keeps its quality.

rotary lobe pump elastomer

Rotary lobe pump for wine

The new serie of rotary lobe pumps in elastomer is a good alternative for the soft and safe transfer of wine.

rotary lobe pump on creeper


Flexible rotor pump

Operating mode of a rotor pump for wine:
The eccentric form of the pump body produces a rising of the volume while the suction procedure. Thereby a vacuum is generated, which aspires the wine. The wine is moving in the pump body into direction of the flexible rotor. Here a reduction of the volume generates an overload pressure. This process transfers the wine to the output.

Arguments for the application of a flexible rotor pump:
Soft flow of the wine without shock-pressure or damage of the product by the rotor.

No retain of air or foam:
Pump with very stable volume, which avoids dysfunctions / turbulences while the pump process and blowholes.
A soft transfer avoids the generation of mixes, emulsions and mud.


Air operated diaphragm pump for the winegrowing

The air operated diaphragm pump for the winegrowing is no doubt the best way to transfer wine. This pump avoids nearly complete a cavitation, that avoids on the other hand the extraction of air. Furthermore they can run dry for a long while, that allows a totally draining of the tube. The flow is adjustable from 0 to maximum. By choosing the right pump please pay attention to the right size, to obtain an optimal and soft flow.

pneumatic membrane pump pump for cleaning and disinfection

Pumps for the cleaning and disinfection oft tanks and pipe systems of machines

There are different possibilities in the winegrowing of the pollution of tanks or pipe systems, that must be avoided. Our pneumatic membrane pumps are a good tool to avoid defilements of all type. The pump body consists of polypropylen, pvdf or steel-alloy. The membranes can therefore not be attacked/polluted by a liquid.

Besides we can provide you with foam pulverizer / foam gun - solutions. For mobile applications small electric pumps 12 V or 24 V can be favorably, they work with batteries.
cleaning and desinfiction

snubber flexible

Product range of pulsation dampers for pneumatic membrane pumps or peristaltic pumps

snubber output

Overview pulsation dampers

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