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Air operated diaphragm pumps

The wine in the industrial winegrowing is a special liquid which must be treated very softly and smoothly. The technical characteristics of a pump must be absolutely adapted for the transfer of this delicate fluid.

The series of membrane pumps made by Techni-Flow is getting used more and more in the industrial winegrowing, due to the following advantages:
Our pumps do not have tumbling parts. The wine is pressed directly through the membrane into direction of the outlet. No particles gets damaged, no air pockets are generated and so a soft transfer of the wine is ensured.

The double membrane pumps of Techni-Flow for the winegrowing are food safe:
- pump body: steel-alloy 3161
- ball peended surface
- pump suction nozzle and outlet nozzle: Tri-Clamp

Other advantages of the air operated diaphragm pumps are also interesting for the automatisation of the wine production:
- the membrane pumps can work dry, without a liquid, so a truck or a barrel can be discharged 100 %. As soon as the tank or barrel is empty, the pump continues working until all flexible tubes are empty. There is no danger for damaging the pump or parts of it.
The flow of membrane pumps for wine can either be regulated by the air pressure with a adjusting valve, or directly with the flexible tube. The flow-rate is variably adjustable.

For a further amelioration of the transfer Techni-Flow recommends you the utilisation of our pulsation dampers for pneumatic membrane pumps.
membrane pumps excellent working tool

Product range Techni-Flow membrane pumps

max. flow rate 55 l/min
max. operating pressure 8,4 bar
max. for hard particles 2,3 mm
This pump is the smallest version in our product range, its a light-weight and therefore ideal for the use as mobile pump.


max. flow rate189 l/min
max. operating pressure 7 bar
max.  for hard particles 3,2 mm
This pump can be without difficulty transported by one person and is thereby very recommandable for mobile applications.

max. flow rate 378,5 l/min
max. operating pressure 8,4 bar
max.  for hard particles 4,8 mm
This wine pump is mainly used as filling pump on fixed places or on mobile screepers.


max. flow rate 568 l/min
max. operating pressure 8,4 bar
max.  for hard particles 6,3 mm
Application area of this wine pump is a permanent place for discharging trucks with a very high flow rate.

The membrane pumps are for the transfer of wine an optimal and economical solution, for the pumping of wine under best conditions.
If you do not dispose of compressed air we recommend the utilisation of our peristaltic pumps, which are also advantageous as our pneumatic wine pumps. Further an utilisation of our rotary lobe pumps could be a good solution for your application.