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Peristaltic wine pump

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Wine is not comparable with other liquids. It needs a smooth and soft treatment while all manufacturing processes, to keep the high quality and the special taste. The technology of the peristaltic wine pumps is therefore no doubt the best one: The rotation speed is throttled to max. 30 RPM for a soft wine flow from the aspiration until the output. The particles risk no damage, while the procedure the wine is transferred warily via the peristaltic flexible tube. The exhaust is effected by the flexible tube, which raises progressive its form.

Furthermore the peristaltic wine pump fulfills the rules of the general law food regulation.

The peristaltic flexible tube is the only part which is in contact with the wine. His pins are according to the food rules made of steel-alloy, type Tri-Clamp or SMS.

Among muliple technological advantages the peristaltic pump has due to her reversibility an additional plus: die pump direction can be changed by changement of the engine connection.

With this wine pump a dry run is without any difficulties possible. This pump has a very high exhaust power, what is optimal for the complete discharge of trucks for example. The flexible tubes can be exhausted completely at the end of the pump procedure.

For a more higher flow rate Techni-Flow provides you with a range of rotary lobe pumps, which have the particularity to work with a minimum of pulsations and vibrations.

peristaltic pump winegrowingSchlauchpumpen von Techni-Flow sind ideal für einen sanften Abpumpvorgang
Pulsation dampers for wine pumps

Technical data:

Peristaltic pump TF-FMP40A13   1"1/2Peristaltic pump  TF-FMP50A13   2"
max. flow rate 2090 l/hmax. flow rate 2640 l/h
rotation speed 38 RPMrotation speed 30 RPM
Outlet pressure max. 4 bar,
with engine 0,75 KW: 8 bar max.
Outlet pressure max. 4 bar,
with engine 1,1 KW: 8 bar max.
peristaltic flexible tube food safeperistaltic flexible tube food safe
Pin 1"1/2 Tri-ClampPin 2" Tri-Clamp

This is an overview of the disponible pumps. Corresponding to your requirement we can devise other models of peristaltic pumps.

Techni-Flow provides you also with other technologies for the wine transfer, for example a complete series of food safe double membrane pumps, which has similar charcateristics: a variable flow rate with adjustable air pressure, food safe vacuum pumps for the soft and smooth discharge of drums.

Cleaning of peristaltic pumps:
The cleaning is very important for a continous pump procedure and for keeping the quality of the wine. The flexible tubes must be therefrom regulary disinfected after the use and contact with chemical, agressive fluids. In this case we recommend the use of chemical pumps, especially our range of pneumatic pumps of polypropylen or pvdf. Besides the use of vacuumpumps for chemical liquids is advisable, they can be used for the discharge of 200 l-drums or 1000 l-drums.