Pulsation damper 

for wine pumps 

pulsation damper excellent tool in the winegrowing

Liquid ring pumps in the food industry

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The pulsation dampers, also called snubbers, are an excellent working tool for the soft pumping of wine.
There are 2 different versions of snubbers:

1) a membrane version which is mainly used together with the pneumatic membrane pumps
2) a flexible tube version which is used together with the peristaltic pumps

The rotary lobe pumps for wine pumping work nearly pulsation free, there is no necessity to use a pulsation damper. But 
anyway a pulsation damper is to recommend as it is a very smooth-runner.

output snubber

The operation mode is very simple:
The over pressure gets absorbed by the deformation of the membrane or the flexible tue. That regulates the excess sludge of the flow and the pressure. This reserve is getting used as soon as the pressure at the outlet valve decreases. The result is a flow nearly without any pulsation by leaving the pulsation damper.
Further the snubber has another important advantage:
It purges a big part of vibrations, that reduced the application noise. The operator can attain with a pulsation damper best results for a high-quality wine.

This new product among the pulsation dampers avoids pulsations of the liquid as well as transmissive vibrations in the flexible tube.The interior of a snubber is flexible and deformable. It effects the absorption of the over pressure of the fluid.
The new Techni-Flow technology inhibits a very big part of pulsations, and vibrations in the flexible tube gets minimized.

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