Rotary lobe pumps in the winegrowing

wine pumping with rotary lobe pumps

One of the most powerful pumps for the wine transfer

Liquid ring pumps in the food industry

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Air operated diaphragm pumps

wine pump techni-flowThe rotary lobe pumps developed by Techni-Flow are the newest technology you can find on the market. We have improved the technology as follows:

- a higher flow rate of max. 100 m3/h
- lower rotor speed
- nearly continued flow
- self-priming
- reversible
- no mixing danger for the wine
- max. 50 mm hard particles
- variable regulation of the speed
- respects the floating particles

Please pay attention also to our pneumatic double membrane pumps as well as our food safe peristaltic pumps.

rotary lobe pump creeperInnovative Technologie mit der Drehkolbenpumpepumping of wine