Accessories for drum pumps
drum pumps range

Accessories play a very important role in the environment of the drum pumps , indeed adapters bungs eg for emptying drums of volatile fluid without risk of toxic fumes escape into the atmosphere, which would be dangerous for persons handling the vacuum pump barrels. They exist in several models adapted to the chemical nature of the fluid.
some of its accessories can also be used for air operated diaphragm pumps.
Plug adapter assembly of different sizes to fit many types of drums

Waterproof plug adapter for drum pumps 41 barrels diameter: this model has the AVENTAGE be provided with a vent which allows evacuated volatile gaseous emanations safely. There are several model: the model is suitable for all stainless steel tubes drum pumps 41 barrels diameter stainless steel, polypropylene model for all drum pumps  barrels diameter 41 polypropyene, the standard model is suitable to all the drums pumps   aluminum non-corrosive fluids and model PVDF all drum pumps 41 barrels diameter PVDF
Adjustable stainless steel adapter for drum pump 41 barrels diamÍtre
Standard stainless steel adapter diamÍtre pump 41

Polypropylene tape adapter for drum pumps  diamÍtre 25 32 and 41