The electric and pneumatic barrel  pumps  solutions are ideal pump for emptying barrels over the 20 1000l, pumping is done properly and safely, the drum pumps, pneumatic and electric techni-flow are capable of pumping a wide variety of fluid: viscous liquid inflammable, corosif, they are available in many materials of tubes (plastic or metallic pumps) for a total match to the type of fluid being pumped, there are large low-pressure flow versions , versions of small high pressure pump flow and technology volumetric pumps for pumping viscous to highly viscous, it is in the case of barrel pumps pneumatic : for viscosities exceeding a million cpo.
All techni-flow  pumps are centrifugal technology without mechanical seal, they are completely modular: all engines in the range can be mounted on the entire range of tube.
Volumetric barrel pumps or the  pneumatic drum pumps   are technology screw, vane or piston air, they allow much higher pressures and widen the range of possible applications. this range complet the range of  air operadted diaphragm pump , the range of the peristaltic pump and lobe pump range
barrel pump for pumping barrels of chemical fluid
The range of centrifugal barrel pump  consists of pump polypropylen in plastic or metal pump and pvdf aluminum or stainless steel.
This range of pumps is used for pumping liquid chemical fluid < 200 liters per minute

Drum pumps in polypropylene
Drum pumps in PVDF
Drum pumps ATEX in stainless steel
Drum pumps accessories
centrifugal barrel pumps
The range of volumetric screw pump is suitable for pumping high viscosity liquid <20000 cpo. The tube of the barrel pump is made of stainless , the stator is shown diiferrent elastomer compatible with the chemical nature of the pumped liquid
screw barrel pumps
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