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Air operated diaphragm pumps

The magnetic drive centrifugal pumps of the trademark Techni-Flow are adapted for the pumping of corrosive and not corrosive acids in different areas:

- surface treatment - return flow of chemical products - water treatment - paper manufacturing - agriculture - food industry - cosmetics - salt water - metallurgy

Amongst others these corrosive liquids can be transferred:
- nitric acid - chlorine water - soap - phosphoric acid

magnetic centrifugal pump
This small pump convinces especially by integrators:

max. flow rate 0,7 m3/h, max. pumping head  3,5 m


REF  TFS-M7-PP-SP           body polypropylene, gasket sentoprene
REF  TFS-M7-PP-FPM        body polypropylene, gasket viton

max. Fördermenge 0,7 m3/h, max. Förderhöhe 3,5 m  Magnetkreiselpumpe aus Kunststoff Polypropylen oder PVDF
Wasserdichte Kunststoffpumpe
This kind of plastic centrifugal pump is flexible to utilise. The pumping head is high:
The model M70 has a max. flow rate (water) of 6 m3/h, the pumping head is circa 10 m.


REF TFS-M35-PP-SP  (220V or 380V 3PH)

Diese Art von Magnetkreiselpumpe aus Kunststoff ist flexibel einsetzbar.

Maximal flow rates are possible, in a minimally pump body:

This medium sized centrifugal pump with magnetic coupling convinces by applications which require a high flow rate, for example by the circulation of acid baths or base baths in the surface treatment. Furthermore is this pump ideal for applications in the food industry, for example pumping of nitric acid or natron in CIP/NEP of pipe systems.

The models TF250 and TF400 are the most powerful
magnetic drive centrifugal pumps. They are suitable for the filtring of  seawater in big aquariums. The pump body made of  plastic is therefore very resistant to corrosion.

In the surface treatment industry, mainly by the treating of very toxic wastewater, the pump body requires a high resistance, due to the many different used chemical products.

centrifugal pump TFM 200

Generally magnetic drive centrifugal pumps are used for the transfer of agressive chemical liquids. But it is important that the fluid is relatively clean and that the viscosity is low. The fluid must not contain hard particles.
If this is not the case you should apply another pump, for example an air operated diaphragm pump with double diaphragm. These pumps are made of the same material as the centrifugal pumps. The air operated diaphragm pumps have a big advantage: they can transfer viscous AND abrasive liquids.

If you do not dispose of compressed air, a peristaltic pump of Techni-Flow can be utilised. This pump has similar attributs like an air operated diaphragm pump, but without electricity.

When the pumping fluid is in a barrel or in a 1000 l-Container, you can choose in the Techni-Flow product range a suitable drum pump, for a safe and fast transfer.