Techni-flow peristaltic pumps applications
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We grouped in this part of the page to which the applications properties peristaltic pumps present a number of advantages compared with other technologies pumps.
You will also find a range of flexible hoses for peristaltic pump.
In certain conditions it may be advisable to use a air operated  diaphragm pump
mining peristaltic pumps
Pumping sewage in marinas.
Plaisances vessels are equipped with holding tanks for black water should be emptied regularly, marinas must be equipped with pumping system to drain the tanks.
The distance between the pump and the vessel is important for generating high pressure drops at the inlet of the pump.
The choice of a peristaltic pump enables same maximum suction capacity, pumping a large particle diameter. The peristaltic pump has the ability to walk dry without damage which facilitates priming in difficult conditions.
ship pollution peristaltic pumps

In mining applications for peristaltic pumps are nomreusent :
Pumping of abrasive slurries : We choose in this case a peristaltic pump large to minimize the rotational speed of the peristaltic pump flexible FMP is the solution in this case, his life will be maximum .


In industry the water treatment a major application of the peristaltic pump is pumping sludge wastewater treatment station for feeding filter press, for example . Its sludge treatment plants are abrasive , viscous , corrosive.
The peristaltic pump is appropriate in this case is the range of pump RBT / This pump range is extremely robust and the ability to generate an output pressure of 15 bar required for operation of the filter

In printing industries peristaltic pumps are used for pumping ink or varnish delicate : some ink are fragile and requires no pumping shear which is not possible with traditional pumps, peristaltic pumps have specificity creates no more shear peristaltic pumps are totally volumetric dosing function is easily achievable

In the food industry peristaltic pumps in their sanitary version are used for pumping delicate food liquid, viscous , corrosive, or with many solid particles.
For food fluids we can provide a range of air operated diaphragm pumps with sanitary diaphragm .
For example : pumping honey , sugar syrup pump , pumping of liquid chocolate , etc