Peristaltic pumps range
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peristaltic techni-flow pumps range

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Principle of operation:
The operating principle of a peristaltic pump seduced by its simplicity and its benefits.
A tubular element with very accurate dimensions, made ​​of different type of elastomer or tfermoplastique, is housed in the pump body.
The tubular element is compressed by the rotating action of the rotor and its corresponding rollers or shoes, then recovers its initial shape in generating the vacuum creates suction fluid.
Fluid enters the cavity formed by the rollers which compress the tube and is gently pushed out with the next roller.
We have before us a volumetric pump Postif movement with exceptional features.

The TFAMP peristaltic hose pump range  is a small pump that is used to dimentions pumped or assay of chemical or small volumes of fluid food For a greater need for speed range of peristaltic pump TF-FMP is capable of delivering speeds up to 26m3 / h In the case of high pressure applications the high pressure peristaltic pump TF-RBT supports operating pressures up to 15 bar: for feeding filter press for example

Peristaltic pumps applications
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Peristaltic pumps embroidery DS-M industrial metering pumps for dispensing or transferring fluids at low flow and low pressure. the tubular element is easily replaceable and there septe different diameters for the same pump model.
The pumps are reversible, self-priming, they can pump fluids with small solid particles or particles in suspension and are very useful for pumping fluids with a liquid content in other gases or vapors.
The standard version is equipped with a three-roller rotor for maximum precision and minimum flow pulsatoir.
Water treatment
peristaltic metering pumps range
case of application 1 case of application 2
Peristaltic pumps are particularly used in the pumping of effluent treatment plants in the leachate pumping but also wherever the fluid pump are aggressive, corrosive, viscous
sludge containing sand and dairy hydrocarbons cement and lime, paints etc.
In pumping liquid food peristaltic pumps are very often used for the quality of their pumping, only the peristaltic tube is in contact with the product and there is therefore not to seals or gaskets. cleaning after use is facilitated.


peristaltic pumps Techni-flow you are interested in the faculties they have to transfer chemical fluid or food with a total seal, if you have been telling you to use the peristaltic pump to empty tank container type IBC or to empty 200 l drums you can have a intere using a vacuum pump centrifugal drums polypropylen for chemically aggressive fluid medium, a vacuum pump PVDF drums for extremely aggressive chemical fluid, such as concentrated nitric acid or even a vacuum pump stainless steel or aluminum drums for pumping flammable fluid in ATEX zone, the barrel  pump was also exists in version pneumatic displacement diaphragm

-Pulsation damper:

Pulsation dampers for peristaltic pump designed to transform the pulsed pump flow rate continuously, allowing a better control of the flow, the proper functioning of accessories such as pressure gauge, flow meters, pressure switch, etc..

and improving the life of the pipes, fittings, valves, etc., and the pump itself.

Flexible version of isolates also possible vibration, water hammer and facilitates handling of the pump in operations such as replacement of the internal hose.

-Feed hopper:

very difficult pumped with a peristaltic pump.

The hopper is available for peristaltic pumps with connection 2 "or more of TF-TF-RBT OR FMP series.

Equipment blank:

Adding a vacuum equipment on our peristaltic pumps allows a significant improvement of the conditions of the pump suction when it is in a position limit, when it comes to pumping of high viscosity or special suction conditions.

The equilibrium between the vacuum inside the pumping hose produced by the same operation of the pump and outside thereof by the vacuum equipment carried within the pump housing peristaltic can recover the original shape mechanically hose, making possible pumping in extreme conditions.


Pump for our small and medium size, we have a metering equipment and flow control.

The equipment consists of an encoder installed between the engine and the gear of the peristaltic pump and an electric armoir ecrant which incorporates a touch, a PLC and a frequency converter.

Through these elements, we can realize the functions of volumetric dosing with automatic shutdown functions continuous dosing with automatic correction of the rotation speed, counting, latotalisation etc..

The equipment dosing peristaltic pump is equipped with a calibration function easily and safely.