12 V/ 220 V

Liquid ring pumps in the food industry

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Air operated diaphragm pumps
Our volumetric membrane pumps with flexible impulse generator are integrated pumps which can be applied as follows:
- in the sector of pumps with solare membranes, sprayer pumps, dung pumps
- for the circulation of potable water in isolated places
- in degreasing plants
- for the pumping dissolvers

For the transfer of more viscous fluids we recommend to applicate our small air operated diaphragm pumps.

If your application requires imperative a dosage, you can make your choice in our big product range of dosing pumps.

pump 12v for spray utilisation in the agriculture  pump 12v spraying pump  pump 12v for haul trucks in the agriculture
- pneumatic membrane pump
- drum pump
- peristaltic pump
- elektrical membrane pump - membrane pump 12 V
- solar pump
- spraying pump
- volumetric rotor pump

membrane pump Techni-Flow 12 V or 220 V for mobile vehicles
pump oil change These electrical membrane pumps are suitable for the equipment of diverse vehicles: quad bikes, tractors, power sweepers, atomizer, sprinkler systems etc.

membrane pump Techni-Flow for the circulation of potable water

The membrane pumps 12 V or 220 for potable water can be used in cases, there a classical emission is not possible. These pumps can be applicated on mobile vehicles; for exemple in the mineral oil area, in the mineral oil production, on loading ships or security ships, mobile labors, camping vehicles, yachts etc.

solar pump Techni-Flow

reversible solar pump The 12 V solar pumps are generally used in potable water plants in isolated areas. This kind of pumps can be be utilized to supply houses with potable water or for the dusting of gardens.

pump Techni-Flow for oil change

volumetric pump with impulse generator

These pumps with flexible impulse generator work with 12 V and can be applied amongst others in car and truck workshops. These oil change pumps are available apart for integrators or as complete kits, instantly operative.
For the industrial use Techni-Flow provides you with a large product pumps for the oil change, for exemple are our air operated membrane pumps an excellent working tool.