TFG100 plastique diaphragm air pumps 1/2"+3/4"


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Pneumatic diaphragm pump TFG100 is the most common model, with a high efficiency and a high resistance tostalling. With maximum flow of water of 49 l / min and a wide choice of material and configuration.
TFG100 the game is evenrespond to many applications.

membranes are available in PTFE GEOLASTE BUNASENTOPREN the body of the pump diaphragm decline INOX POLYPROPYLENE PVDF.

technical curve for the tfg100 plastic pumps   tfg100 plastic chemical pumps   dimenssion of the tfg100 plastic pumps

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 the Techni-flow pneumatic pumps are characterized by their small footprint, so you can have a intere other technology for our range of pumps including peristaltic pumps tf-amp foresee thatsome similarity :

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work dry without damaging the pump, the only parts in contact with the fluid is peristaltic tube if handling or made ​ ​to carry the pump is an important fact of your search in the range vacuum pump barrels Techni-flow can handle a lot of service:
polypropylen for pumping
many chemical fluid.