dry / oiled

vaccum pumps, a very solution for the environment industry, food industry, medecine industry

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Air operated  diaphragm pumps
In the product line of Techni-Flow you have the choice between dry vacuum-pumps which allow standard pump applications, and between oiled vacuum-pumps. The oiled vacuum-pumps are specially made for applications which require a maximal vacuum.

The vacuum-pumps with lateral drain are very interesting for applications that require a high flow-rate and/or the operating pressure must be relatively low.

Based on this technology Techni-Flow can develope vaccum-pumps for your special pump application.

Our vacuum-pumps are used in several industries, such as:
vacuum-pumps in the environment
vacuum-pumps in the food industry
vacuum-pumps in the medical industry
vacuum-pumps in the tobacco industry

vacuum pump in wastewater plant
unloading truck with vacuum pump
vacuum-pump in the packaging industry
vacuum pump in the food industry

vacuum-pump dry

vacuum max. 100 mbar

oiled vacuum pump

flow rate 6 - 624 m3/h
vacuum max. 0,5 mbar

lateral drain
flow rate 4 - 1080 m3/h
vacuum max. 100 mbar

vacuum group