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Diaphragm pump TFG025:

The range of diaphragm pumps TFG025 is smallest of the range: flow <19l/mn. This diaphragm pump is an easily integrable pump in a fixed or mobile machine. Grace has its design with assisted flat valve, it has the characteristic to be able to be installed in any position. Version atex available.
diaphragm pumps TFG025

Diaphragm pump TFG100;

Diaphragm pumps for flows < 55l/mn: This pump is available out of plastic or metal for the applications of pumpings claim a light diaphragm pump and small overall dimensions. This pump is also used as pump empties barrels and allows a total draining of the barrels of 200l.

Tfg100 air pump

Diaphragm pump TFG200;

Diaphragm pump for flows < 189l/mn: This diaphragm pumps is most powerful of the pumps small pumps transportable, it is available out of plastic and metal. This size of pump authorizes the pumping of fluid of great viscosity until 7500cpo
TFG200 air pumps : maximum flow 189l/mn

diaphragm pump TFG400

Diaphragm pump for flows < 378.5l/mn: The range of diaphragm pump TFG400 is the stationary first of the pumps, particularly intended for the pumping of fluids of strong viscosity <10.000CPO or for the fluids charged with solid particles.
Diphragm pumps tfg400: maximum flow 378l/mn


Cleaning of drain in food industry

: : Flow requested by the user and of 50l/mn of soda, and 50l/mn acid nitric: Adopted solution: for the soda food: a diaphragm pump TFG400 with a polypropylene body and PTFE membranes. This pump is able to provide a flow < to 378l/m, it thus is largely dimensioned and makes it possible to consider possible increases in production. For the nitric food of acid a pump TFG400PVTF with a body in compatible PVDF chemically with the nitric acid.

The dimension of the two pneumatic pumps was voluntarily oversize so as to be able to adapt to the extensions of future production envisaged by the customer, in the event of increase in demand of fluid of cleaning for the cip, the pump will automatically provide the surplus of flow without operator action, which will avoid in the future a possible change of dimension of diaphragm pump. In food industry, we can also propose to you a complete range of diaphragm pump out of stainless of quality food and having FDA approval.

Principle of operation of the diaphragm air pumps:

The pumps are made up mainly of 2 membranes bound by a mechanical axis, 4 valves with balls and 4 seats and a pneumatic distributor charged to distribute the air alternatively one membrane to the other. 1st, cycle: the distributor sends the air in the room of left, the membrane of left pushes the fluid which plates the left ball of bottom on its seat and raises that the top making it possible the fluid to be expelled by the top. The two membranes being dependent, the membrane starts an opposite movement: it creates a vacuum in the room of right-hand side, which raises the right ball of bottom and aspires the fluid in the room. 2em cycle: when the first membrane arrives in the end of the road the distributor of air rocks automatically and sends the air in the opposite room and repeats the same cycle. Alternation creates a pulsatory phenomenon which can be avoided with the use of anti-pulsating. The quality of aspiration is paramount for the good performance of the pneumatic pump: it is advisable to respect the maximum size of the solid particles aspired, and to check the losses took care with the aspiration which must be lower than the recommendations of the given diaphragm pump.

Membrane pneumatic pump for fluid of thermal heat-treat oven:

the heat treatments of parts are carried out in generally vacuum heat-treat ovens thermal of surface, the parts are assembled at high temperature, and are plunged in a particulié chemical bath of fluids. The chemical composition of the complex bath influences directly the chemical structure of the part to modify the mechanical characteristics of them. Many types of mixture exist and their corrosivity is important in particular with metals. The baths of fluid of heat treatment must be maintained clean to avoid the problems of quality. Cleaning is ensured by a filtration to realize after each treatment of parts: a membrane pneumatic pump aspires the fluid to inject it into filters techni-flow closely connected to withdraw the impurities from them. The matter of the diaphragm pump is given according to the chemical composition of the bath of heat treatment. Certain differently corrosive mixtures completely require machined PTFE pumps. In most case a pump housing to polypropylene membranes is enough.

Pneumatic pump of condensate for industrial analyzer supply.

A holding company of the generating stations of energy wishes to supply a water analyzer of condensate. This water is polluted various corrosive chemical compounds, moreover the zone of operation is atex. For this application, the pump having to function uninterrupted and having to adapt its flow to that of the analyzer, we chose a pneumatic diaphragm pump TFG100STF with the stainless body and the PTFE membranes.
Technical solution :

a diaphragm air pump completely machined PTFE.
With this pump only the PTFE body and the PTFE of the diaphragm is in contact with the fluid

Pneumatic pump for descaling and Removing mud:

In the industrial sector descaling is carried out by companies of maintenance, the applications are multiple and require pumps having a great beach of use that it is in flow but also in pressure. The fluids of descaling and désembouage are multiple and depend, of the nature of piping and of the matter of construction to install it has to scale. Mainly made up containing phosphoric acid, of hydrochloric acid or in certain cases of citric acid. The principle of operation is simple: one makes circulate the solution of cleaning in all the circuit in loop. For this application, the use of a membrane pneumatic pump is used, the flow will adapt automatically to the evolution and the degree of obstruction of the drains. At the beginning of cycle the flow will be minium and the maximum pressure, and at the end of the cycle the pressure will be reduced and the maximum capacity

Diaphragm pump in the manufacturing of envelope:

In the manufacturing process of envelope, a machine in charge of distributing intervenes adhesive intended for the closing of the envelope: this machine consists of two rollers in which a pump sends a quantity of adhesive of which the surplus must be recovered in a vat located in lower part. For this application, we used a polypropylene membrane pneumatic pump compatible with the chemical composition of the adhesive, this diaphragm pump will be equipped with an entered kit double double exit in manner divided the flow into two separate networks of the same flow. The first network is used to fill it the rollers, the second to recover the surplus of adhesive recovered in the lower vat. This technique has the advantage of using only one membrane pneumatic pump instead of two, which simplifies the installation.

Diaphragm pump for planted filter of reeds.

In dairy industry, cheese factory or room of draft, waste which one names white water is mainly made up of whey and cheese particle. This effluent is corrosive with a pH from 3 to 5, and polluting and cannot thus be rejected in the state with the network. In these applications a membrane pneumatic pump can be used to pulverize and distribute the whey on a vegetable filter on bed of reeds (phytoepuration). The diaphragm pump made up of a polypropylene body resists very well the acidity of the whey, and the easily adjustable flow avoids the too complicated processes.