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drum pumps range
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The drums pumps  Techni-flow pumps in their tube PVDF release are ideal for pumping all very chemical liquid concentrates, their buildings without mechanical Gasket raed their minimal maintenance, hazardous chemicals for humans and the environment are pumped with the drum pump was safely and properly: the diffeéentes divers sizes allow adaptation to many contenaires: barrels 60l, 200l and 1000l request a special length 2500mm can be achieved eg for emptying tanks. If you can not find the drum pump barrels adapted to the specific characteristics of your fluid you can view other technology vacuum pump barrels on our broad range.
PVDF is used for pumping extremely concentrated chemical liquid, even at high temperature. for emptying drums safely we also have a range of air operated diaphragm pump with PVDF body
electric motor for drum pumps in pvdf
pvdf pump tub in plastic
strener in PVDF
Application: drain was nitric acid in the food industry (clean in place cip / NEP).
-Emptying drums bleach
-Emptying drums of sulfuric acid
You can read the case of applications that we have selected to give you an overview of the performance of our ranges of drum pumps  or air operated diaphragm pumps