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pneumatic double diaphragm pump is available in polypropylen, PVDF, and acetal carbon filled, the flow important for its small size makes it a versatile pump.
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Applications for this pneumatic pump are large :
 The pumping of concentrated acid in the food industry to clean up, stripping of 1000l ibc cubitenaire kind of corrosive fluid, filter feeding in the surface treatment etc.

Pumping NEP / CIP in the food industry :

In the food industry disinfection facilities is essential,  fluids used in these applications are becoming more aggressive , that's why ingenering mainly use plastic pneumatic diaphragm pump of polypropylene type Techni-flow for pumping fluid as soda, and pneumatic diaphragm pumps made of PVDF for pumping nitric acid fluid .

Pumping of glue to cardboard mills :

The type of adhesive used in the industries of cardboard are generally corrosive, viscous, it is therefore necessary to use a pump polypropylen excepts convey a good fluid viscosity diaphragm pump air-flow techniques is highly adaptable tothis type of problem, in this case we will use a pneumatic pump with volumetric sentopren membranes and body polypropylen

Pneumatic pump for pumping coolant :

Tfx200 plastic pumps can be used for packaging liquid coolant :

Producers receive the
various fluids that they need to combine before to filling the final packaging: the interest of a membrane air pump is to adapt its speed automatically based on the rate of filling of cans, most of the pump are able to fully empty the storage tank of the bulk material, which is clean and economical.


The surface treatment industry is consuming diaphragm pump tfg200 that particular model has "a connection flange 1" which presents the carracteristiques well suited to this use:
The main use is for bath, in fact in the normal operating bath surface treatment that consists of highly corrosive chemical fluid, degrades and pollutes large particle. To extend bath life we must achieve continuous filtration.
The diaphragm pump will pump smoothly baths containing largeparticulates, and supply filters.


The robustness and simplicity of this pump range can be used in agriculture for the pumping of nitrogen fertilizer: in the case of filling the tank vertically from the truck diaphragm pump with its discharge pressure, overcomes easly a large pressure drop due to high height of tanks, more the pneumatic double diaphragm pump technology allows steps to dry longer, allowing to completely empty the tank of a truck and completely empty lines without risk of damage the pump.

With a plastic diaphragm pump 1 " Techni-flow you can generate a flow 200l/mn up on water and about 100l/mn for continuous flow:

 If you need a greaterflow or if the viscosity of the fluid exceeds the PC 7000 you can choose in the higher ranges: the pneumatic pump tfx400 with these fittings flanges 1 "1/2 that will provide you a maximum flow on water to 378.5l / / min and a service continue190/ln with a viscosity of more than 10000cpo.

To pump more flow, with  TFX800 you generate a flow of 568l/mn and of 290l/mn in continuous service.