barrels pumps for  viscous fluids

Techni-flow pumps

-Centrifugal drum pumps

motor for screw pumps
motor 220v for screw pumps
This range of drum and barrels  pump volumetric barrels a eccentric screw is suitable for industrial or chemical transfer large liquid viscosities, but retains its own power flow, such as paint, resin, some lubricating grease.
The maximum viscosity for this pump is 200,000 cpo.
Materials available for the stator are the EPDM, Buna, or ptfe.
Standard engine used is 850 W motor TF280 EN 220 For a more intensive use the triphas2 TF500 engine is preferred.
When pumping viscous liquid we also have a range of peristaltic pump
If your liquid is a medium viscosity, our range of air operated  diaphragm pump is a good alternative.
If your process is based on viscous fluid may be interested in our range of peristaltic pump
screw helical pumpsstator for screw pumps

This range of drums  pump  greater than the standard range pumping capacity, the range of geared motor used is large and has significant powers which allows pumping even more viscous liquid with higher flow pressures which went up to 12 bar.
For applications drums drain fluid liquid lowermost 1000 cpo range standard centrifugaldrum pump   may be used, taking care to use the actuator adapted
screw pumps for Large flowstator for screw pumps