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barrel drum pumps a good solution!

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Air operated diaphragm pumps

centrifugal pump
You will find in this category a lot of centrifugal pumps, which are recommended for the transfer of low viscous fluids. Their high flow rate is only one ot the advantages of these pumps.
screw pump
Techni-Flow provides you with volumetric pumps (rotary pumps), which are very suitable for the transfer of high viscous fluids.
impulse generator
Generally pumps with flexible impulse generator are utilised, when the alimenation liquid requires a very soft flow. This pump can transfer different viscosities.
pneumatic pump double diaphragm
Our air operated diaphragm pumps are a powerful pump solution. They are very robust, economic and able to pump viscous fluids < 15.000 mPas.
peristaltic pump alimentation
The peristaltic pumps for the food industry can be used for different applications and assure a soft handling with the pumping fluid.
drum pump barrel pump in the food industry
The discharging of viscous liquids from barrels is no problem for our Techni-flow drum pumps. These barrel pumps can even transfer extreme viscous liquids.