Peristaltic metering pump range techni-flow
Peristaltic pumps range

The peristaltic pump TFDL range is the smallest of the Techni-flow range , it is suitable for applications of small amounts of pumping fluids.
The use of many of the different diamêtre péristaltic tube allows a wide range of flow :
0 to 0.8mm Tube 24ml/mn
1.6mm Tube flow range of 0 to 60 ml / min
3.2mm Tube flow range of 0 to 240ml/mn
4.8mm Tube flow range of 0 to 600 ml / min
6.4mm Tube flow range of 0 to 975ml/mn
8.0mm Tube flow range of 0 to 1500ml/mn
This peristaltic pump is with differente engine :
Standard fixed speed reducer : it should choose the speed of rotation of the gear according to the fixed rate nécessair .
Gearbox with mechanical variable speed.
Gearbox with integrated drive electronics vettesse
Gearbox with electronic speed integrated motor motorcycle ventilated
For applications of high throughput assays industrial standard peristaltic pumps can be used:
The peristaltic pump TFAMP For flow
The peristaltic pump for flow TFFMP
For applications where the use of electricity is not possible tfg025 small air operated diaphragm pumps are a solution for pumping liquid medium viscosity
Choice of flexible tubes for peristaltic pump

peristaltic metering pumps range
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