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membrane plastic pump
plastic pneumatic membrane pump
The plastic pumps of Techni-Flow are used in different branches of the chemical industry. Our pump assortment has several technologies: the volumetric pump and the centrifugal pump. The volumetric pumps, also known as displacement pumps, are made of plastic material: the pump body is made of Polypropylen, PVDF oder aus Acetal.

The polypropylen-pumps are used for the transfer of chemical liquids, for exemple natron, hydrochloric acid etc.

The plastic pumps of PVDF are applied for the pumping of extremely chemical fluids.

The pump series of Acetal is specially used for the pumping of flammable fluids in the Atex-Zone.

Our product range of centrifugal pumps with magnetic coupling contains pumps of polypropylen and PVDF. Also made of the same material are our plastic drum pumps.

The centrifugal pumps of plastic material were developed for transferring low viscous liquids without hard particles. These displacement pumps have a high flow rate and an important outlet pressure.

drum pump of plastic material
plastic drum pump 

centrifugal pump of plastic with magnetic coupling
Centrifugal pump of plastic material with magnetic coupling