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Air operated diaphragm pumps

The product range of the Techni-Flow volumetric pumps is in line with numerous applications.
Generally this pumps are used for the transfer of viscous fluids and/or to generate a high output pressure.

volumetric drum pump

Volumetric drum pumps
The technology of volumetric drum pumps is specially used for the removal of 200 l oder 1000 l barrels, which contain fluids with a viscosity higher than 30.000 mPas.
You can transfer chemicals, cosmetics or foodstuffs.
Volumetric air operated
diaphragm pump
These membrane pumps are utilized for chemical liquids with a viscosity higher than 10.000 mPas.
pneumatic membranepump

Volumetric peristaltic pumps
Our volumetric peristaltic pumps are especially suitable for the pumping of viscous and extremely abrasive liquids.

volumetric plastic peristaltic pump

displacement pump gear drive

Volumetric gear pumps
Volumetric gear pumps are ideal for the transfer of high viscous products and/or in cases that require a high output pressure.

Volumetric membrane pumps
This pumptechnology is especially 
used for manufacturing of pulverizers (volumetric membrane pumps 12 V).
Volumetric Membrane pump 12v  220v