Pumps for the cleaning

of contaminated, polluted 

and/or toxic grounds

Liquid ring pumps in the food industry

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Air operated diaphragm pumps

diaphragm pump
Pneumatic membrane pump 
The treatment industry for the depollution of toxic ground utilises special pump technologies. The product range of Techni-Flow satisfies the different requirements in numerous processes of this branch of industry.

Our assortment of Air operated diaphragm pumps is used to generate head spaces and so to eleminate the toxic substances in the ground. Different pneumatic membrane pumps are used in this sector:

For carbon hydride a double membrane pump of aluminium with membranes of Hytrel, Buna or Nitril is applied. In case of a chemical pollution you should choose a membrane pump of plastic material with a body of Polypropylen or PVDF. In the ATEX-Zone the use of diaphragm pumps with steel-alloy body is obligatory.

If the pollued liquid is very difficult to clean and/or very viscous, for exemple corrosive mud, you have the possibility to decide for a Techni-Flow peristaltic pump. Our peristaltic pumps are even able to transfer high viscous fluids from a large deep. They have a big aspiration power.

For rapidly evaporating liquids the use of a vaccum pump may be the right application for you.

cleaning of pollued earth with peristaltic pumps
Peristaltic pump

compressor and airener                   compressor and vacuum pump
Compressor and vacuum pump