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tfg800 pump range for hight  chemical fluisds flowcuve of the tfg800 plastic pumps in 2"wheelbase of the Plastic pump tfg800

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Techni-flow pump 2 "is a plastic pumps whose range is the largest, in fact it has an impressive power reserve of more 600l/mn maximum flow of water while maintaining proportions reasonable.

Among the many applications include the cardboard to pump large quantities of glue and viscosities which is variable chemical aggressiveness.

The high flow rate of the pump allows use centralized and can replace many small pumps distributed on each machine. Process reliability is significantly increased

One use of this range of pumps is to pump sludge wastewater treatment plant plant industry.

Sludge pumped are generally corrosive and chemically aggressive over their viscosity can be significant


The paper industry including manufacturing industries use large cardboard varieties of adhesives viscosity and chemical aggressiveness variable diaphragm  pneumatic pump tfg800 with its large capacity is capable of pumping fluids over10000cpo with high throughput

Peristaltic pumps range


The double diaphragm air pumps Techni-flow provide an optimal response to pumping problems most diverse.
Due to low internal velocities, abrasive fluids can be transferred without damage to the air pump. Similarly, fragile products are not subject to deterioration due to shear.
The pneumatic pump Techni-flow does not require output shaft seals or packing. The tightness of the pumped product is ensured by gaskets and membranes. On the other hand, a building with retention chamber and leak detector in case ofdiaphragm rupture is available for the transfer of hazardous liquids.
Self-priming that occurs just at the start of the pneumatic pump without first filling.
The pneumatic pump Techni-flow can run dry without problems. Upon returning to a normal diet, the pneumatic pump returns to its original rate.
The pressure of the air motor balancing exactly the pressure of the liquid, the air pump stops and restarts without damage when opening the valve. It is not necessary to protect the air pump by a valve or a bypass.
Adjusting the flow rate of 0 to 100% of the maximum value obtained by simply adjusting the tap air.
The absence of thermal or electric motor (pump tire is its own engine) can have an air pump easily transportable and versatile for a wide range of flow.
The supply of compressed air from a pneumatic pump Techni-flow requires no lubrication, allowing to avoid any pollution of the air by the values ​​of oil