Liquid ring pumps in the food industry

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Air operated diaphragm pumps

This slush pump is a  pneumatic double membrane pump. The material must be choosen depending on the pumping fluid. The external body housing is made of steel-alloy and gets not in contact with the liquid.

The dust particles are aspirated by the aspirating hole and transfered to the surface. Practically all liquids can be restored to their former state.

This pump system was developped on the base of a Techni-Flow membrane pump.

Operating mode:
The slush pump can be plunged directly in the liquid. The floating power is ensured by numerous floats.
With this pumping principle numerous liquids can be treated which are compatible with the pump body.
slush pump
Application spectrum:

- pumping of floating carbon hybride in sedimentation tanks in the iron industry
- pumping of oil deposits in the manufacturing industry
- pumping of floating particles in tank in the surface treatment industry
- treatment of waste water in purification plants
- in the food industry, steel industry, iron industry, interim storage, waste treatment, tannery, manufacturing of fuel

The application possibilities of the Techni-Flow slush pumps are multifonctional in the food industry:
- breeding, slaughterhouse, treatment of meat
- creamery, cheese dairy, buttering, drainage of whey
- distillery, whinegrowing private and instrial, bottling
- manufacture of sweets, honey, convenience food
- fruit-growing
- surface treatment
- soap and cosmetics industry
slushpump membrane

In this industry branches we can recommend also the utilisation of our peristaltic pumps, this pump technology can transfer a mix of air and liquid including the particles.

The chemical fluids used by the flocculation process are ususally delivered in 200 l  or 1000 l tanks.

In diesen Industriezweigen können wir Ihnen auch den Einsatz unserer Schlauchpumpen empfehlen; diese Pumptechnik kann die Mischung aus Luft und Flüssigkeit inkl. der Partikel pumpen. The Techni-Flow product range of drum pumps and container pumps was developped to simplify the transfer of the liquid.