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Liquid ring pumps in the food industry

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Air operated diaphragm pumps

The applications in the surface treatment industry require pumps which can transfer high agressive chemicals. We provide you with a big range of pumps that were developed for this special use.

Numerous applications are possible:
- degreasing, bating, deposit of electrolytes, galvanic coating, galvanic plastic, electrosilvering, nickel coating, anodic treatment, sulphur bloom, phosphate coating, chromium plating etc.

The pump technology is getting used in the environment industry for the treatment of liquids after the surface treatment, before draining or recycling.

Polypropylen is chemical compatible with a lot of chemical liquids for the surface treatment. The air operated diaphragm pump is a very economical solution and an excellent working tool.

Pneumatic pumps with double membrane
TFG025-PTF   flow rate max. 18l/min  
body polypropylen, membrane PTFE

TFG100-PTF   flow rate max. 50l/min      
body polypropylen, membrane PTFE

  flow rate max. 189l/min    
body polypropylen, membrane PTFE

flow rate max. 340l/min    
body polypropylen, membrane PTFE

    Membrane pump TFG400
PVDF is a plastic which is comptatible with high concentrated chemical fluids. It is used when polypropylene is not resistent to the pumping fluid.

Pneumatic pumps with double membrane

TFG025-KTF  flow rate
max. 18l/min     
body PVDF, membrane PTFE

flow rate max. 50l/min      
body PVDF, membrane PTFE

TFG200-KTF flow rate max. 189l/min    
body PVDF, membrane PTFE

TFG400-KTF flow rate max. 340l/min    
body PVDF, membrane PTFE

Peristaltic pumps

The Techni-Flow peristaltic pumps are a good option if you do not dispose of compressed air.

These are the technical advantages of a peristaltic pump:
- reliability
- simple maintance
- no gaskets
- only the flexible tube is in contact with the fluid
- dry run possible

 flow rate max. 250 l/h - 810 l/h  pin 1"
flow rate max. 468 l/h - 1170 l/h  pin 1"1/4
 flow rate max. 990 l/h - 2475 l/h  pin 1 1/2"

The flexible tube can be, depending on the chemical characteristics of the fluid, made of the following materials:

Magnetic drive centrifugal pump for galvanic liquids
product range polypropylen
The centrifugal pumps with magnetic coupling have been optimized for the pumping of fluids in the surface treatment. Generally they are used for the transfer of relative clean liquids. The advantage of this pump technology is its very high flow rate.

TFM7-TFM15-TFM25    flow rate max. 0,6 m3/h   1,8 m3/h    3,4 m3/h
TFM35-TFM50-TFM70  flow rate
max. 3 m3/h      4,5 m3/h   5,5 m3/h