ATEX pumps range in stainless

drum pumps range

The drum pump  Techni-flow  with stainless steel tube are ideal for pumping all kinds of low viscosity fluid <500 cpo and chemically compatible with stainless steel, stainless steel tube is particularly used for pumping flammable fluid ATEX zone type : alcohol, solvent, fuel etc.

The drum pump techni-flow generate a significant flow of up to 200l/mn depending on the type of engine and with a capacity diposent pressure 2.8 bar depending on the type of turbine used.
This pump capable of pumping fluid multiple corrosive, but it is mandatory to check the chemical compatibility of stainless steel tube with the fluid to be pumped , eg for pumping bleach a drum pump barrels PVDF is essential ( but she is not allowed in an ATEX zone .
The vacuum pump stainless steel barrels Atex techni-flow are not maintenance-free mechanical seal so the centrifugal pumps are not suitable for pumping dry , if your installation requires a dry run for example to clear the pipes pneumatic diaphragm pump will be adapted in this case .
In the case of pumping non-flammable liquid fluid a centrifugal drum pump  standard may be selected for your application  after verification of chemical compatibility with the fluid and consultation of many applications of centrifugal pumps empty drums or membranes pneumatic
air operated motor for drum pumpselectric atex motor
drum pumps in stainless steel.