Techni-Flow pumps

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Techni-flow manufactures and distributes a complete range of industrial pumps intended for pumping multiple viscous abrasive or flammable fluids. Depending on the application, we can offer you the most suitable technology:
Pneumatic diaphragm pumps.
Peristaltic pumps.
drum pumps.

Techni-flow Diaphragm air pumps

Diaphragm pumps

Techni-flow offers one of the largest and most efficient ranges of pneumatic double diaphragm pumps on the market.
This range of diaphragm pumps is suitable for pumping low to high viscosity fluids in the most varied environments such as the chemical industry, the food industry, the environmental industry

Techni-flow air diaphragm pump
Peristaltic pumps

Peristaltic pumps

The Techni-flow range of peristaltic pumps is complete:
-Small peristaltic dosing pump.
-Oil-free peristatic pump: Pressure up to 8 bar.
-Oil lubricated peristaltic pump: Pressure up to 15 bar.
-Food peristaltic pump.

Peristaltic pumps
Techni-flow Drum pumps

Techni-flow drum pumps:

the drum pumps available in the Techni-flow pumps range are suitable for the most varied chemical fluids.
-Empty centrifugal drums for liquid fluids.
-Empty volumetric drums for viscous fluids.
-Empty drums for food fluids.

Techni-flow drum pumps
Sanitary pumps

Sanitary pumps

there are many food products, we offer a range of technology that can satisfy this variety:
-Pneumatic pump for viscosity up to 10,000 cps.
-Peristaltic pump up to 60,000 cps.
- Drum pump up to 1,000,000 cps.

Sanitary techni-flow pumps
Electric diaphragm pumps

Electric diaphragm pumps

For environments where pneumatic power is not available, this range will suit virtually any pneumatic pump application

Electric diaphragm pumpss

Solid machined diaphragm pumps

Solid machined diaphragm pumps

high efficiency pneumatic pumps are intended for critical applications, for example for chemical fluids with extreme corrosion

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