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Techni-flow pump offers a range of air operated diaphragm pumps the largest and best performing in the market. This range of air operated diaphragm pump is suitable for low viscosity fluid fluids or high viscosity fluids in the most various environments such as chemical industry, food industry, environmental industry
New range of plastic air operated diaphragm pumps 3" TFG1500 30% more efficient than the pumps in the market

plastic air operated diaphragm pumps
The food fluids have their range of pneumatic diaphragm pump. With the FDA approval this range of diaphragm pump is equipped with every element specific to the food industry: connection tri-clamp adapted easily removed without tools, surface finish, diameter and profile improved in order to pass improve the viscous fluid passage
Sanitary fda air operated diaphragm pumps
New range of electric pump in machined plastic: available in conductive polyethylene and PTFE compatible with ATEX.
Pachined plastic air operated diaphragm  pumps

Applications of the week: Here a particular application deferential every week: Customer request:   Alternatively transfer a welded tank and a bleach tank to the storage tanks located 5 m high, with a single pump.Issue: bleach is pumped with a PVDF membrane pump but not polypropylenes, soda would be pumped with a diaphragm pump with a body polypropylene, but not with PVDF

Technical solution :

a pneumatic diaphragm pump completely machined PTFE.
With this pump only the PTFE body and the PTFE of the diaphragm is in contact with the fluid