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Liquid ring pumps in the food industry

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Air operated diaphragm pumps

Techni-Flow presents you our product range of pumps which are utilised in the environment area.
Our pneumatic and electric pumps have the common advantage to dispose of a powerful potential and a simple handling.

TF-DT4.2 A 500
flow rate 60 - 500 m3/h
operating pressure max. 1,5 bar

Treatment of clearing sludge


This supercharger of the Techni-Flow series can attain a very high flow rate. The pressure is sufficing for an effectual aeration for each type of waster water cleaning.

TF FMP70-100
High-pressure peristaltic pump
flow rate max. 36 m3/h
operating pressure max. 15 bar
viscosity max. 60.000 mPas
Process of  der coagulation / flocculation
Biological treatment by aering

pump for clearinng sludge

Air operated diaphragm pump with polypropylen body
membrane Buna

max. flow rate 55 l/min
max. operating pressure 7,2 bar
max. hard particles < 2,3 mm
Eolien energy
The pneumatic membrane pumps are used for the pumping of lubricants for axle gears.

An impressive operating pressure and a high flow rate are a good reason to decide for this membrane pump.

pump greasing

Air operated diaphragm pump with polypropylen body
membrane Sentopren
flow rate  378,5 l/min
operating pressure 8,4 bar
hard particles 4,8 mm
Viscosity 10.000 mPas
This expression describes all waste liquids. The pneumatic double membrane pumps of Techni-Flow are especial resistent to a lot of chemical and are therefore an excellent solution for your pump application.

plastic pump

Filtering and treatment of cutting oil treatment of cutting oil