-Platic air pumps applications
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TFG400   1"1/2 pumps  for pumping chemical fluiddimensional drawing of the pumppressure and  flow performance curve of the pump
The range of pneumatic displacement pump plastic is shown TFG400 polypropylen or PVDF according to the type of fluid to be pumped: for the acidic or basic fluids, or diluted standard is a technical solution polypropylen economic for fluids not compatible with one polypropylen choose the PVDF eg pumping nitric acid or bleach.

The range of air-operated diaphragm pump is the smallest TFG400 large pumps:  relatively compact and is easily transportable by one perconne: capacitée but its pumping is exceptional for a pump of this size, it is chosen in all case or need debit importantly requie together with a small footprint

Maximum fluid pressure 8.4b
Maximum free flow 378.5l/mn
Maximum speed of the pneumatic pump 200cycles/mn
Speed ​​cycle pump membranes 1.96l
Maximum suction pump volumetric 6.1ma empty
Maximum particle size of the solids pump 4.8mm
* The flow pumps are with muffler and do not vary with the matter of the membrane.
 **The flow per cycle may vary based on suction condition of the pump, discharge head, air pressure and the type of product.
*** The actual performance of a pneumatic pump can undergoing any prolonged use of these temperature.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          - Peristaltic pumps range

As you can see from the curve the rate of flow is inversely proportional to the pressure: with the discharge port closed and the maximum air pressure fluid flow is obviously al / min and pressure of the fluid is maximum 8.3b:

airin the air chamber is at the same pressure as the fluid in the chamber fluid side.



Air pump 16kg Polypropylene
Polypropylene diaphragm pump with stainless steel center section 21.9kg
PVDF pump 22KG
PVDF pump with stainless steel center section acierv 28.2kg
Air inlet 1/2 "
Input and output product FLANGE ANSI 1 1/2 "

This pump is the smallest pump usable as unloading of tanker eg pneumatic diaphragm pump this solves all the problems of this type of transfer, pumping can be achieved by the top of the truck, or below without add to complicated apparatus.

The pump is highly self-priming, little air pumped without problems who allows complete emptying of the tank and flexible without any danger to the pump.
Unlike all centrifugal pumps mounting any precaution is necessary, which greatly facilitates installation and security of your pump.