Techni-flow pumps

Peristaltic pumps TF-AMP
Peristaltic pumps TF-FMP

The TF-RBT series peristaltic pump techni-flow be reserved for applications or output pressure <15bar to, or when extremely high mechanical strength is claimed.
With this pump series the most critical applications are available, applications of fluid pumping highly abrasive eg for pumping slurry in the ceramics industry: the peristaltic pump rpt advantageously replace a pneumatic pump usual membrane safe.

Your application can not be pumping an outlet pressure of 15bar if this is the case you will find a technique best solution in the range of peristaltic pumps TF-AMP requires that, according to the selected drive's ability to deliver a output pressure up to 8 bar which is sufficient for many applications, or even in the series of peristaltic pump tF-fmp for higher throughput
péristaltic pumps rbt

As you can see from the performance curve of the peristaltic pump TF-RBT flow available and more than 13 m3 / h, however, the peristaltic pump is mainly used in critical applications due to the viscosity of the abrasivitée, or high pressure fluid outlet, it will be necessary to select a moderate rotational speed in order to maintain a life of the peristaltic tube important, consistent with the requirements of the application.
-System compression pad and internally lubricated by the liquid in the pump body
The range of pneumatic diaphragm pump applications complete the advantage of peristaltic pumps Graco, you will find a selection of common application of these pumps in the following pages: common benefits of peristaltic pumps and diaphragm pumps are their ability pumping a dry without damage and their ability to pump viscous fluids. pumps traditional membranes can generate output pressure of about 8 bar but as peristaltic pumps RBT high pressure series air operated diaphragm pumps can generate output pressures up to 8 bar for filter press applications eg.


Special ventilated motor bike for electronic speed:
This option is ideal in cases where the motor is powered by an electronic variable frequency and the engine must be running for long periods of limited speed, the fan will cool the engine properly.

This option is required in case the peristaltic pump is used to transfer high viscosity fluids (which does not flow naturally) Usually for viscosities> 35,000 CPO. This option backs limits pumping.

Vacuum pump
This option is very useful to increase the suction capacity of the peristaltic pump, the principle is simple: you create a vacuum in the crankcase of the peristaltic pump with an ejector, vacuum using the peristaltic tube to resume its original form is to be transmitted by the fact that the vacuum suction, this option allows pumping highly viscous fluids, or increase the suction peristaltic pump rbt height.
flow curve for the peristaltic pumps tf-RBT
If in your process you need to empty barrels liquid or viscous fluids we also have a wide range of drum and barrels pumps