Techni-flow pumps

Peristaltic pumps TF-AMP
Peristaltic pumps TF-RBT

The principle of the peristaltic pump is very simple: a tube is crushed by a rotating roller tube peristaltic is available in various sizes and in a significant number of elastomers, type elastomer peristaltic tubes is chosen according to its chemical compatibility with the fluid to be conveyed. Robust design with integrated housing in the pump body.

Characteristic of the peristaltic pump FMP:

-Power supply: 380v ac standard / Also available in 220v and possibly air
-Suction capacity up to 9 m this
-Ability to walk to dry without damage
-No mechanical seal
-The peristaltic pump is reversible
High-resistance to abrasive fluids
Application-dosing with an accuracy of + -1%
-Easy maintenance and economic
-High resistance to corrosion
-Quiet Operation
-Easy to clean it up
The flow generated by the series peristaltic pump is tf-fmp
may be too large in relation to your application, below
800l / h you can make a choice in the series peristaltic pump TF-AMP.
By cons, if the pump outlet pressure is above 8 bar or the conditions are difficult series of peristaltic pumps RBT allows you to perform operations up to 15bar pump or pneumatic pumps high-pressure membranes filter press.
fmp  peristaltic pumps

If the fluid is contained in drums, we can also offer a range of barrels pump
To prevent and eliminate more share of pulses generated by the peristaltic pump our range of pulsation damper  is very effective.

Fluid transfer charge, abrasives, viscous, sampling of sludge from wastewater treatment plants for analysis, pumping lime milk, pumping ferric chloride, activated carbon, pumping soda, polymeric flocculant transfer, flammable fluid, filling winepress of harvest, transfer marc, filling casks or barrels, additives and enzymes dosage unloading trucks etc. the technology is peristaltic pumps to choose from when the fluid to be pumped is viscous or abrasive or chemical that market risks are a sec, or the flow must be accurate eg for applications in metering pump. If you have a close network of air is that the viscosity of the fluid is less than 10000 cpo should be consulted in the range of air operated  diaphragm pumps is often an advantageous solution. flow curve of the peristaltic pump fmp