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Peristaltic hose pumps range.
Peristaltic pumps TF-FMP
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The peristaltic hose pump techni-flow amp series is designed to transfer applications or dispensing any liquid or pasty fluid, chemical or food: the only piece on contact with the fluid is the peristaltic tube: a roller just crush the tube to extract fluid: this principle allows a fluid pumping high viscosity <100.000cpo the other hose is the only piece on contact with the fluid a complete seal is maintained over the peristaltic pump techni-flow AMP allows march dry without damage.
Compression system of the tube roller with ball bearings and lubrication pipe by supplying silicone grease.
Application of peristaltic pumps techni-flow AMP:
Pumping effluent from wastewater treatment plants, pumping acid pumping soda, liquid food for animals pumping, pumping honey, fruit juices pumping, pumping food coloring etc..
If your application requires a higher 900l/mn range of peristaltic pumps TF-AMP speed you have a throughput capacity exceeding 22m3 / h.
For applications with higher output pressures series peristaltic pump TF-RBT has a reserve of high pressure can go up to 15bar.
 For emptying drums we also have a range of drum pump  for liquid or viscous fluid
Peristaltic hose pumps tfamp
This technology is slightly pulsating peristaltic pump to avoid is fenomaines which can be problematic for your process, we have developed a range of dampers
-Mounting carriage
Tri-clamp fitting stainless steel food
Variable-speed mechanical or electronic
-Detector tube rupture.
Lung-pulsation damper.
Electronic Equipment dosing.
-Max flow of water 1350 l / h
Max-P 8 bar
Tube available in:
You will find on the following pages a large part of the main specifications peristaltic pump.
Applications of peristaltic pumps are very large in addition we made a summary of the applications of air operated  diaphragm pumps which are very similar and can help you complete your installation.
flow curve amp peristaltic pumps